All of us want VIP Tickets and VIP Seating

All of us want VIP Tickets and VIP Seating
All of us want VIP Tickets and VIP Seating! What does that cost?!

– exclaimed Michelle. Don’t we love a woman (or in this case women; Hee hee) who know what they want!?!

THAT MOMENT WHEN THE SINGLE BLUES PARTY UNFOLDS THIS UPCOMING MAY’S BIRTHDAY PLANS!!!! — Celebrating the “Single Blues multiplied by four. Upgrading to the best seats in the house, DIVA 1, had to be done!” “#awesomeness Had the best time!”

“Hi there. Its Michelle B. Had a freaking blast last night! Thank you so much. TY TY TY. One question… I will be booking birthday celebrations in a few days. It turns out that 3 of the 4 of us that were there Saturday have birthdays in May…so its on like donkey Kong. I also want to throw props to my dancer Victor. Omg was he amazing. Me…I picked him from I love me some Puerto Rican lol. Latin flavor overload. Omg!!!! I sure hope I get him on my birthday…I’ve been a bad girl and I need handcuffed Lol. It’s funny because my daughter had Logan…and picked him out at introductions. Sure enough, he gave her the time of her life lol. We will never forget Saturday night. Wheawww. Hurry up May lol P.S. So far I have 6 for our birthday!”

” Our whole experience was phenomenal, thank you so much. From the time we stepped in the door we felt like VIP. The guys were professional but just the right kind of naughty. I like naughty. Lol. ” —Destiny, Lexc, Michelle, & Carissa —

ASK TO BE TREATED LIKE GODDESS’S & YOU SHALL RECEIVE!!! — Maid of Honor, Terri W. worked really hard for Miss Suzanne M. to have a spectacular bachelorette party!! Thank you Terri and all the other hosts, you are not given enough recognition for all that you do!

SOUTH AFRICAN PRETTIES; PARTY OF 9 PLEASE!!! — Celebrating co-workers bachelorette party with Taryn and Michaela! Event Coordinator: Are you the maid of honor? Taryn: No, we are all just close work friends, her maid of honor is throwing her a separate party. We want to make this event special for our Michaela. #FloridaThunderBreedsAwesomePeople

GLAMOUR THINGS UP!!! — Lori and her party got to watch the show in glamorous viewing! “”It’s sort of like HD (high definition)” I about died laughing when I heard guests describing their seats this way with one of our entertainers, Flava.

HUNKS IN THE FRONT, BAR IN THE REAR: MMMMMM!!! — Brace yourself: This is not a rated PG Blog; but who are we kidding, neither is our show! Lol. Any of of our Hard Rock Cafe Casino-Goers have heard the phrase, “Poker in the front, Liquor in the rear.” Well, we created our own version of that saying! Mandy and Stacie were thankful for how helpful Florida Thunder’s office staff was through planning her girls night out. “We can’t believe how awesome our seats are!! Wayyyy better than we ever imagined!” —Mandy & Stacie—

All of us want VIP Tickets and VIP Seating