Breast Cancer Survivor Feels Like A Beautiful Woman
For The First Time Since Her Cancer Was Removed!!!

Question: Why do I work for a male revue when I’m a licensed professional with a bachelors degree you wonder?

Answer: Because I contribute to the social welfare of society everyday and enjoy every minute of it! Continue reading for a better understanding of what I mean!

I don’t always cry when I’m doing my feedback calls(How was your experience? Calls); but today, I did.
– Mother-in-law, Linda, a BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR, a Cardiovascular Nurse who describes herself as very professional & conservative lady claims that, “The genuine compliments and special attention from the gentlemen of Florida Thunder made me feel like a beautiful woman for the first time since cancer removal surgery!!” Thanking her son-in-law for planning the great experience!

Thank you so much for sharing your awing-moment with me!!
I’m very proud of Mr. Perera for keeping the entire evening a surprise!!
Mercedes Sprinter Limo ✔
Reserved Front Row Seating ✔
VIP Guest of Honor ✔
Hip Hop Dancing Afterwards ✔