Danielle is extremely happy – April 9. 2016

Danielle is extremely happy
Jeanette Will Be Celebrating With Florida Thunder Again!! This isn’t the last of us; thank you so much for everything! Wanda’s bachelorette party was fantastic!

Vegas Comparison From Guest: Danielle spent 19 years in this line of entertainment, in Vegas: She has only been in the Tampa area for the last three; yet, never been to one of Florida Thunders Hot Revues. Danielle is extremely happy and impressed with our show tonight!!!

Two Daughter-Mother Celebrations: Ashley and Tina Williams: I don’t know who’s hair was prettier, Tina’s or Ashley’s?? Libby and Jillian Dobson enjoyed their Diva seating as they spent some wailing girl time together.

We Like The One From Michigan! Oh, how our Logan really does it for a lot of the crowd; every Saturday. There’s consistency to this infatuation. Logan’s one of our best! glad to have him as a part of our Florida Thunder team!

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