Diva Central – April 30. 2016

Diva Central - April 30. 2016

“I’ve known the MC since he was a little boy. He used to cut our grass; he’s such a good person!! “, exclaimed Sandra- who celebrated a friends 21st Birthday like a true Diva!

More Birthdays To Celebrate:
Tiffany, turning 27.
Sue, turning 50.
Ne Ne, turning 30.
Katherine, turning 21.
Happy Birthday ladies!!
Thank you for planning your girls night out with Florida Thunder!

Ask And Thy Shall Receive:
Jillian, listen, I’m glad you’re female because you’ll understand this: I’m a big girl, I mean 250lbs, I do not want to be dropped; but I want to be pampered by one of the sexy make strippers during the show! Can you accommodate me?”
Yes we can! You’ll be in good hands, you will get to experience everything you wanted!

Loving It From Front Row:
Lauren almost got married early; but, then our trouble maker ruined the who ceremony-act!
“OMG!!! I love it!!” – random guest in the audience.

Saturday’s show pictures coming soon

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