First Friday Platformz – May. 06. 2016

First Friday Platformz - May. 06. 2016


Those ladies not familiar with the St Pete nightlife, First Fridays of month are always a big hit in beautiful Downtown St Petersburg. Much of Greater Tampa Bay ends up enjoying the festivities.
Florida Thunder entertainers felt, it will be the perfect time for our first Chippendale show at this amazing establishment.

Did we ever?! One of our bachelorette and most of her group came all the way from Ohio for the news. Sexy Tempest helped our Chippendale dancers demonstrate what the hot-seat lap dances are all about and and her girlfriends know how to throw a bachelorette party! May we say, campaign toast galore?!

Chelsea and her coterie were a bit more quiet, until some liquid courage specials created just for occasion loosened her up. She had no trouble enjoying the Magic Mike style treatment while on stage.
Vee was celebrating a night out with her 2 daughters. Our emcee and host, Zsolt tried getting her on stage, but Vee’s hips and back were not cooperating. Instead Marcus, one of Platformz managers gave her a personalized table and lap dance. She did great for any age, never mind 60 something!

Spectacular final performance was won by the raffle ticket winner. The trouble maker of our dancers, Logan stole her before she could get married on stage. Let’s just say that Christine didn’t mind being thrown around like a rag doll by the bearded bad boy of the bunch.

Pictures say a thousand words. Check them out at
We encourage all the ladies to take a look at this beautiful club and make your reservations for the best girls night anywhere in Central Florida. Tickets and reservations are directly here on our
Making reservations in advance will give you greater chance of getting the best possible seats in the house.
Ladies, just picture this: the entire stage and dance floor is a huge LED display.

Absolutely gorgeous!

First Friday Platformz - May. 06. 2016

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