Special Guest of Honor – Whiskey North may 21.

Special Guest of Honor - Whiskey North may 21.

How many Guests of Honor can Florida Thunder handle bringing on center stage in one night? The request is always for more. … Sorry, ladies, it is only a two hour show. The amount of guests of honors are limited for that reason. Birthday parties, bachelorettes showers, and a night out with the girls were the most popular celebrations this past Saturday. #wewantmore

FASHIONABLY LATE Irony That All Goddess Seats Were Tardy: Come on ladies, be on time!! Don’t worry, though, they Got Their Punishment For Being Naughty on stage! Lol.

ROUTINES Chelsea’s Smack-Back Chelsea, that girl, could hit. I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with her! She struck our Victor-Love dancer back with passion! Watch out, men, for this one. He he? #chelsealove

Audience Participation Was On FIRE?!!! Thank you; so much, ladies, for your enthusiasm and energy:You made the difference in a great show and a gggrrrrrreeeeaaatt-show!!!!!! #crowdparticipation #love

Bunny, Aida, Nancy & J-Lo Love: Bunny’s friends hooked her up. Jennifer Lopez was in the house!! But not the famous J-Lo. Jennifer, you were famous in our book, for the night! You did a great job on stage!