All The Way From Dallas, Texas!! – 09. 24. 16.

All The Way From Dallas, Texas!! - 09. 24. 16.

“That’s what she said!” tee- shirts for the maid of honors and “I said Yes!” tee-shirt on the bride-to be (bachelorette). Aimee sure did a great job planning Shayna’s bachelorette celebration! Calling ahead of time to verify dress code was appropriate. The enthusiasm and happiness of this group was astonishing! Thank you ladies for being so awesome and glad you liked the show!

Glamour is Glamour at The End of The Day-The Drama & Difficulties of Being Designated Maid of Honor:

Keeping names in party private: Sometimes planning a bachelorette party can be exhausting and dainty. From, “Jillian, we want front row seating!” to “The bride is calling off the bachelorette party!” (Oh no-oooo!!) Maybe there’s something Jillian can do to help simplify the process: I’d hate for 5 years to pass by and for the bachelorette to have regrets about never having a bachelorette party. This is a once in a lifetime celebration. There’s no re-do’s. Let the bride sleep on that and verify in the morning; a smaller bachelorette party is better than not having one. At the end of the day, she had her bachelorette party, there were 7 ladies; which is a decent size bachelorette party. So happy she had a bachelorette party after all!!

Goddess One, check. Goddess 2, check. Goddess 3, check.

Big parties who reserved their seating early, got the best seats in the house and a table for their girls.

Everyone appreciates being treated like a Goddess; the men of Florida Thunder enjoy making everyone in the audience feel warm, welcome and appreciated.

South Carolina Sweethearts:
We like the one gentlemen from North Carolina, the best!! These ladies were a hoot. Definitely did their best to have as much fun as possible and own the night while it was still young.

I am going to shake the hand of the people who were rude to me and have them sign my souvenir tee shirt! His really happened! I love kind hearted people!!