Saturday, April 21 at Whiskey North

Amazing night is a simple way to describe how our ladies felt. Inah and her friends from Thailand were celebrating her birthday with us at one of our Empress tables.

Four Divas from Oklahoma for their bachelorette party in the Tampa area said, Florida Thunder Male Revue Show was more entertaining than the Vegas trip they had a few months ago. Because of the interaction and the friendly personality of the guys and Enrique’s dance moves on center stage.

Lorryn is getting married soon and we hope she won’t be as late arriving to her wedding, as she was getting to our show with 15 of her closest friends from Deltona. They made a grand entrance! She barely made our show to catch the last act with Logan, The Trouble Maker. She more than met her match with this good looking cowboy.

Michelle was surprised by her husband for the first time in a male revue. She and her friend almost stole the show!
Selena had to be the quietest bride to be. Only time she “spoke up”, when she got a nice spank from Victor Love. Please practice your skills. A good payback of spanking Victor Love back, in your thoughts, just as you smile and smirk: “Yes, I do” will last forever.