Saturday, April 14 at Whiskey North

Why do we always pick on the shy ones?  Because they’re remembered the most.  Especially the tiny girl from Trinidad.

When “virgin” ladies first arrive the Florida Thunder Male Revue Show, they don’t know what to expect.  By the end of the night, they’re wishing, to stay all night.

Men have over 450 different “gentlemen’s” clubs in the Greater Tampa Bay Area to go out and be entertained.  For ladies, there’s only one place: The place where Magic Mike began.  Chaning Tatum learned from Magic Mike, how to perform on stage at this exact location.

Two of our guys worked with both Chan and Magic Mike, who’s actual and real name is Mike Sorrentino.

We thank all the ladies who help support us, and let your friends know what a great time you had, celebrating your bachelorette party, birthday gathering, girls night out, or divorce party!