Friday, April 13 at Whiskey North

Summer had no idea her mother’s surprise for that most important, 21st birthday.

Little did she know, that she will also be participating in our on-stage Magic Mike experience.

Needless to say, Summer was very nervous at first.  Everyone else in her group were her mom’s age.

That makes it difficult, right?  At Florida Thunder Male Revue Show, our motto is: For once, let the men do the work.

Pictures say a thousand words.  Take a look at the ear to ear smile on this 21 year old ginger.

The small bachelorette party with Allison came in incognito.  But we couldn’t tell, they were four non-blondes.  🙂 Last year, they did Vegas.  Bright lights, big city.  They were missing the intimacy.  Allison’s maid of honor arranged all with Mason @ Florida Thunder, made it simple.

Thank you ladies for giving us the opportunity to serve you.  It’s been our pleasure.

We also had a couple for Girls Night Out.  They came to check our male revue show out.  Why?  They said, “Just because we can!”

They were wishing, the show could go on and on.

8-10 pm are the show hours, ladies.  Please arrive on time, by 7:30 pm