Saturday, April 28 at Whiskey North

Nearly a full house!

Ladies, please help us by booking in advance for your bachelorette, birthday parties, and girls night out!

Let us wish Alexia, happy 18th birthday once again.  So hesitant at first, yet she had the time of her life, being part of the Magic Mike, on-stage experience!

Annie and her 10 closest friends, closest to the stage could feel the heat.  You’ve gotta come back before August to practice your spacing skills on Victor Love’s bare butt.  Just sayin….

Crystal had her best friend, Maida hold her hand while she was on-stage with Enrique The One. Did you almost get jealous, how much fun Maida was having?

Nora 21st birthday! Wow!  Nora, we know it wasn’t your first time, you celebrated your 21st, but you’ll remember this one the most.  She asked for 2 spanks to make the two sides even.

Let’s not forget about Alex’s first time at a male revue show.  Her true 21st birthday.  We are glad we were able to get you a table last minute, and you didn’t miss out on the action by having to sit around bar.

Logan The Troublemaker had his hands full with Kelly’s bridal party.  Not only was Kelly’s sister, Andrea part of the Magic Mike on-stage experience, but her mom, Stella as well! A true family affair?  Smiles!

Ladies, we thank you for being the best part of the Florida Thunder Male Revue Show.  Don’t delay calling us to help you get great seats for our upcoming shows.  For once, let the gentlemen do the work.