Saturday, May 5 at Whiskey North

Our only bachelorette, Annie walked in with a cane tonight.

In less than 15 min, she forgot she needed one. Annie was always the first to make it rain on every one of the guys.

Evelyn turned 21, again! She could easily lie 10 years off her age. Almost want to say, she acted like a teenager in the Magic Mike on-stage experience. She definitely needed it.

Karen was the happiest freshly divorced lady in a long time.

Victor Love was told to take it easy on her, but Karen had a lot of sleepless and lonely nights recently.

Almost none of tonight’s ladies have been to any sort of male revue show before. Everyone tonight walked away with ear to ear smile. They enjoyed their experience where Magic Mike started and began.

Yes, it’s a male revue show. Yes, there’s stripping involved. Yes, there’s dancing and choreography. And yes, it’s an interactive show. But no, it is not raunchy, and that’s part of the reason why everybody is so entertained and happy.