Kicking off Memorial Day weekend by raising the roof (5/25/18 at Whiskey North)

Florida and Tampa area is a destination place for vacations of various kinds.  First and foremost, we’ve got the right kind of weather.  We’ve got gorgeous beaches.  Clearwater Beach in itself is one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world!  St Petersburg beach isn’t all that far behind.

Orlando is most famous for its numerous theme parks, and Tampa has Busch Gardens, with some of the wildest and some of the tallest rides.

And then, there is the Florida Thunder Male Revue Show where you find some of the funnest “rides”.  Taking after the country song: “Save a horse, ride a cowboy”.  We say: “Save a horse and ride our cowboy!”.

Whiskey North is the place where Channing Tatum learned his skill of how to perform on stage, and it was Magic Mike, teaching him those skills of dancing, stripping and entertaining.

Our newest cowboy is just learning the ropes.  Tonight, Mike Hammer had Terry’s help.  The birthday girl wasn’t even shy.  In fact, we had to ask her not to break our dancer!  She was gonna go as long as time allowed.  Maybe all the way, till the sun came back up and around.

Miranda is planning to get married in October.  She’s smart to give herself plenty of lead-way.  She knows how to take spanking from officer Victor Love.  She asked for two, to even both cheeks out, and she kindly asked for harder…… please.  Where the bachelorette needs some practice, are: arching her back and spanking a bare butt well.  Miranda, we welcome you back, as many times as you need it.

Janet and her Latinas were so much fun on her birthday. They did not even know that there is a Magic Mike show at Whiskey North.  Originally, they came for the concert, taking place after the male revue, strip show.  Isn’t that a great way to combine the best of both worlds?   Get some dances and salsa the night away, after?!

Enrique The One, had Tiara in his performance as well.  She flew back from deployment, just to take part in Miranda’s bachelorette party.  Her thoughts were: I came so far for this, I am going to absorb as much fun, as I can take for the night.  She jumped right into it, by signing up for our Magic Mike on-stage experience.   And she loved every moment of it!

Enjoy the pictures, ladies.  Take two moments and let us know how much you enjoyed the show by writing us a short google review.