Fun memory filled Memorial Day weekend (5/26/18 at Whiskey North)

This Memorial Day weekend is the weekend of Florida Music Festival at Raymond James Stadium.

It’s a fantastically frustrating and expensive event, with a few thousand drunks, so we are told by a group of ladies arriving to the Florida Thunder Male Revue Show.  Traffic is awful, parking is impossible and expensive.  People are drunk and push you around, and it’s next to impossible to get to the bar.

Instead, we came to see some fine men to dance for us.

  • Can you guys accommodate 4 more ladies tonight? – You, ladies came to the best place for fine male entertainment.
  • Will the guys strip for us and give us lap dances? – We thought, you’d never ask.

And then we realized, these ladies have been at our male revue show before, only 3 weeks ago.

Girls night out can be for any occasion.  Just leave the guys home.  Besides the guys have over 400 gentlemen’s clubs to choose from, here in Tampa area.  We are happy to have this one place, all to ourselves.

General admission tickets are $25 in advance.  VIP seating, guarantees sitting together, for $45 per girl.  And lap dances are only 10 bucks!

There’s no strip joint that charges any less than $20, but most are $25 to $30 for a short song.

By comparison, $10 for a lap dance with a hot and well built sexy hunk is a bargain!

Several birthdays tonight, but only one bachelorette, Mia.  For her first time, ever, she did more than all right.  Jordan got her first Magic Mike on-stage experience and first lap dance ever in her life, right at her 21st birthday!

When we asked how her surprise birthday party is so far, her reply was straight to the point:  Very effen FANTASTIC!

Fun memory filled Memorial Day weekend is how she will remember her birthday party!