Punctuality was the word of the night (5/19/18 at Whiskey North)

Lack there of to be more exact.
Mai and her group of 10 arrived the Florida Thunder Male Revue Show, after 8 pm tonight. Maybe it was the fault of their boat or plane from China. The one who purchased her single ticket barely before showtime was the only one on time! But Mai had one of the best times in her life, as she was called to be on-stage for the Magical Blockbuster Night

Experience with Enrique The One. Lucky number 13 arrived, closer to 9 pm. She was excited to be present, even this way.

Angelica’s mother arranged the bachelorette party weeks ago for 8 of the closest to Angelica. Unlucky number 9 arrived around 9:30 pm. Missed a very large portion of the show, but mom was enamored by the energy and the sexy, half naked men.

Stripping is an art that the new guy, Mike Hammer, hasn’t yet mastered. Many of our girls tonight, enjoyed that slight bit of innocence. Of course Mike has a chiseled physique to please the eyes. In fact Ellen’s glasses got fogged up during Mike’s on stage performance. Did we mention, the birthday girl, Ellen just turned 80?! She had no idea why she had been waiting so long the get the Magical Blockbuster Night

Experience scratched off her bucket list.

Funny thing is, she didn’t completely scratch it off. She wants to be back while she’s able and can. Ellen, you are welcome back, every time you’d like!

Our resident constable on patrol, Victor Love had to spank Angelica thrice! She asked for harder. And harder still! The men aim to please, and we want to see the hand prints! At the time of payback, the bride to be did not hesitate.

These girls night out are full of fun and laughter. The hunks’ hard rock bodies something, most girls don’t get at home. It’s clean fun. There are no private rooms. The end of night lap dances are done in front of everyone. Pictures are allowed and welcomed. When you post them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, please tag as, Florida Thunder Male Revue Show.

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