Exhilarating Magical Night! (6/2/18 at Whiskey North)

When you attend a stadium full of event, the sheer mass of crowd creates an energy field, a vibe.  That’s exactly how it felt at tonight’s Florida Thunder Male Revue Show.

When guys go out to strip clubs, it’s rather simple.  There isn’t much difference between one strip joint or another.  Girls might be different, sometimes prettier, but other than some pole tricks, they all do about the same.  At a true male revue show, such as Florida Thunder Male Revue Show, the choreographed dancing, the various talents and abilities and the level of interactivity from girls, that create the vibe, excitement and energy in the air.

Bachelorette party ideas start right here.  This is the actual place, of which the movie, Magical Blockbuster Night

was made about.  Channing Tatum learned from Magical Night, how to perform on stage.  Two of our guys worked with both Magical Blockbuster Night and Channing Tatum.  Our bachelorette parties felt that tonight.

We appreciate them coming out and having fun with the hunks.  Of course our entertainers, dancer, strippers are great looking.  Well built, chiseled and know how to use their bodies.  There’s a certain seductiveness to the best male revue show, but its the opposite of raunchy or sleazy.  Perhaps the best male revue show, anywhere in the Tampa, and possibly all of Florida.

Some of our girls, simply wanted a Girls Night Out.  Without any of their men around.  “Tonight ladies, there are no boyfriends.  No husbands and no children allowed.  It won’t be a G rated show!”

Birthday party ideas are another area, where we excel.  Any birthday can be made so much more exciting with the right kind of adult entertainment.  And that’s what Brenda and Carla came out for.  We suspect, they were close to their sixties, but their fun factor, wouldn’t give their ages away.  How many additional times did they get in line for lap dances with the guys?  Might be more than they’d like it mentioned.

Ladies, please find your photos added to our page.  These are the actual pix, before the show.  During the show, and after the ceremony had ended.

Many places use stock or fake photos to lure customers in.  We do not bait and switch.  The photos of the guys, our performances, our videos, the set up of the show and location are all valid, and are take by us 100%.  Let our men do the work and put smiles on your faces, just as you see these very happy girls!