Benefits of Clubbing (6/16/18 at Whiskey North)

Night life, Fun, Socializing, Music, Party; when you think of these words what comes to mind? Clubbing or partying, right? Or maybe just going out?

Let’s start with socializing. You will enjoy better mental health. Interacting with others boosts feelings of well-being and decreases feelings of depression. One sure way of improving your mood is to work on building social connections. You can build on this by simply going out to maybe a local bar or club on a Friday or Saturday night. Frequent socialization is exceedingly important in maintaining quality of life. Regular socialization helps with an individual’s perception of their health, loneliness and general life satisfaction. Go out and do stuff! You only live once.

As it relates to clubbing or casually going out with friends; you do not only de-stress, you also boost your social life. It is especially important to gather the right people around you. If you do not feel comfortable, you won’t be happy. But if you have the right positive people accompanying you, party nights can be the very best. Not only can you make memories for a lifetime, every night out also offers you to get lucky for the night or even for the long run. Clubs offer high doses of mental stimulation. People who lead intellectually stimulating lives are also more likely to be free of dementia and have better memory. Consider it an excuse to dress up and create a new persona. When you dress up, you want to live up to your outfit. If you look good, and you feel beautiful, you’ll want to behave that way.

My girls and I always settle on a male revue strip club over a female strip joint. Not that we don’t find women stripping sexy but because seeing hot, sweaty, but good smelling, built guys are simply more entertaining and sexier to watch. On a weekend night we always like to visit the Florida Thunder male revue for a fantastic night of fun, entertainment and laughter. Not that we can’t find fun and laughter anywhere else but because they bring a unique and different type of vibe to the table.

The eliminated hustle and bustle of trying to get into a club, whereas you have to pay at the gate upon entering is just amazing. Instead you simply jump online to their website and purchase your tickets; this is just amazing and even more relaxing. Upon arrival, you’re greeted at the door and escorted to your seats by gorgeous, handsome men. The music, the drinks, the service, the ambience; everything is just well arranged and amazing.  You don’t get this luxury just anywhere!

Very well-Choreographed dance routines, exciting entertainment and VIP treatment for everyone on Friday nights. What more could we possibly ask for? The price is excellent; affordable and just right.
So take a weekend off and treat yourself, go out of your comfort zone and go check out Florida Thunder. Take a bunch of girlfriends with you; it’s more fun that way.  Go out and meet people and make memories.