Have you ever seen the movie ‘Magical Night’? (6/22/18 at Whiskey North)

If not, maybe you should give it a watch; It’s a movie about a male strip revue night club starring Channing Tatum, as a hot male stripper tearing down a night club with his hot toned body and heated dance moves.

Without seeing this movie, when the thought of a male strip revue comes to mind you may think of hot men with big junks and sweaty bodies grinding against your body, right? Well that’s just gross, even just the thought of it. Or maybe you may think of men walking around in tongs swinging around a pole perhaps?  Nah none of the above, well at-least not at this club, I’m about to mention.

Strip Clubs Aren’t Seedy, They’re a Safe Place for Sexual Expression!
I used to think of it just like you until I visited The Florida Thunder Male strip revue.  Everything changed the moment I entered that club. My imagination failed to impress me. I entered the strip club with low expectations, but left with a surprising appreciation for what goes down behind the walls of a male strip club and a piece of advice: male strip clubs are exactly what women need. It’s actually the opposite of what you may think.

The atmosphere at the Florida Thunder resembled that of a regular night club with loud house music that you couldn’t help but bop to when you weren’t getting a lap dance. But despite the similarities to a night club, where the you usually dance with your friends and avoid creepy guys, the objective at the male strip club is to be danced on by sexy guys.

These men had the ability to make the women feel safe, relaxed, and entertained.

If you should think the concept of a male strip club where fit men grinding on women with the hope of getting a wad of cash shoved into their boxers; the experience may sound shallow. The idea of paying for attention didn’t sound appealing to me either, until you find yourself upside down being shaken or held in a very seductive way and loving every second of it.

It’s a thrilling experience having a hot man approach you and rub his body on you like it was his job; oh wait, it is; and enjoy every bit of it. At the male strip club, there is comfort in knowing that there will be nothing to follow the lap dance, no pressure to let someone buy you a drink or give your phone number out. Unlike a regular strip joint right?

Each dancer will be dressed in a costume that sends your imagination reeling.  From wearing just a black bow tie to a pull-off fireman’s costume, these guys will rock sexy outfits that play on your fantasies while revealing just the right amount of buns and abs.

If you’re pulled on-stage, you’ll be titillated with a naughty-yet-sensitive interaction that will send chills up and down your spine. All of your stage fright will dissipate because you’ll be so hypnotized by the skills of these vagina whisperers in front of you that you won’t even notice hundreds of people are watching you. Your eyes will be rolling back in your head over the pure joy and titillation that is skin-to-skin contact with an actual Adonis.

It takes more than tight abs and undies to be a stripper. These guys are fluid, energetic, and enjoy socializing with crowds. They don’t just circle the club, blindly hopping from one lap to the next; they also engage with each woman, both old and young. Of course they are paid to dance and take their clothes off, but their job entails more than just getting women hot and bothered by grinding on them. Their job is to entertain women, give them attention, flip them, dip them, lift them, and schmooze with them. And these guys do all that and more!

The vibe, the ambience, not to mention the laughter which seemed to be continuous and contagious, and maybe that is what made us all feel safe and relaxed about being dry humped by hot strangers.

Enter The Florida Thunder male revue, where women’s fantasies are no secret to strippers donning the many outfits of many occupations, giving women an opportunity to half-live out their sexual fantasies in a safe environment.

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