What Is The Difference Is Between Friday And Saturday Night Male Revue Shows?

Ladies often ask us what the difference is between Friday and Saturday night male revue shows.

Friday night’s Intimate Nights are called so, because of the intimate setting we create for the ladies. It’s cozy, and fewer girls, usually less than 35, means more personal, hands-on experience with each of the guys. There’s a 360 degree view of the stage, and everyone has front row seating. Everyone is VIP!
Ladies get so much more involved with the stripping and dancing, because the guys are within the reach of their hands! Nobody sitting in front of the bachelorette, or the birthday girl, to block their view. Ideal time for that bachelorette party idea, you’ve been putting off. The girls night out, just because.
Guys have any day of the week to go to over 400 strip clubs in the greater Tampa Bay Area. Ladies only get a couple of nights. Friday and Saturday 8 pm start time.
Trina was our only bachelorette this Friday night. She had all the guys to herself!.
We also had a couple of birthday celebrations. Brittany helped us draw a winner from out raffles to get a free Magical Blockbuster Night

on-stage experience, and in turn, she received a Magical Night
on-stage experience as well.

The saying goes: The more, the merrier.
We need to add: The fewer, the cozier.