What Women Want From the Men in Their Lives

What Women Want From the Men in Their LivesWhat women want from the men in their lives shouldn’t come as any surprise. After all, a good relationship of any kind is built on the same basic qualities. Unfortunately, you’ll never find a reliable assessment or algorithm that’ll accurately determine whether you and another person will make a good match. Even when your partner has all the “right” characteristics, the “chemistry” may still be missing. Nevertheless, there are still some traits that you should look for.

Moral Integrity

When it comes to moral integrity, there are several characteristics you should look for, including:

  • Mutual respect isn’t something you should ever be willing to compromise on – not in the slightest. This respect must be maintained regardless of whatever else is going on at the time.
  • Open, clear communication helps a relationship flourish.
  • Honesty is vital. Never give a person a reason to doubt you. Trust is what women want because it helps your relationship deepen.
  • Being mature means taking responsibility for your actions and behaviors.

Relational Sensitivity

Being sensitive is another important factor of what women want in a relationship. This means understanding the following:

  • Being considerate of another person’s feelings is the basis for any relationship. This includes being kind, patient, understanding, and compassionate.
  • Friendship is the basis of any good relationship. This means being patient and accepting.
  • Emotional maturity is important. While you can have fun, you also need to act like an adult when it’s time. Sometimes this means taking a step back to think things through instead of forcing your partner to always see or do things your way. After all, emotionally and practically supporting your partner in both small and big ways is your primary role.
  • Offering sensitivity when it’s time to validate your partner’s experiences is essential. This starts with recognizing your own biases, especially when the woman in your life is talking to you about prejudices, discrimination, and other types of unfair treatment she faces.

Satisfying Intimacy

Once you’re able to provide for a woman’s mental and emotional needs, you’ll want to know what women want in terms of intimacy. Here are some highlights when it comes to what they’re looking for:

  • Adventure and excitement are always welcome if they’re done safely. This type of intellectual stimulation will keep your relationship vibrant.
  • Beyond friendship, what women want is companionship and partnership. These keep your relationship moving forward, especially when there’s little time or energy for anything physical.
  • Hearing the words “I love you” are important. If they make you feel vulnerable, make sure you show her your love.

Clearly, you can see it isn’t all about sex. You also don’t want to turn your relationship into a business deal by expecting to have your good deeds repaid with sexual favors. Instead, this is another area in which you should be seeking to know what women want. This should be a fun adventure that lets you explore and expand your relationship together. Of course, if you’re not treating one another right when you’re outside of the bedroom you can’t expect things to go right once you’re inside the bedroom either.

What Your Woman Deserves

Your woman wants you to be their partner – someone who wants them to succeed just as much as they yearn for their own success. By taking the time to recognize and acknowledge your woman’s strengths and show her that you respect her for everything that she brings to the relationship, you’ll both be able to feel good about the relationship you have together. Ultimately, these are the same things you want from a relationship. The only difference is you may want them in a different order.

Picture Credit: Free-Photos