Easy Ways To Repair Your Damaged Hair

Easy Ways To Repair Your Damaged HairWhen you look at your hair and see that it’s dry, dull, frizzy or has split ends and breakage you’ll know you have damaged hair. This isn’t difficult to have when you consider that everything you do to your hair (e.g. washing, combing, brushing) compromises its surface fibers. If you’re also heat styling or having chemical processes (e.g. coloring, bleaching) done to it, then you’re likely to have even deeper issues. As all this damage accumulates your hair’s structural integrity gets messed up. It’s then that you’ll need these women’s hair tips so you can repair damaged hair.

Be Careful When You Wash Your Hair

One thing that often gets overlooked when you’re trying to repair damaged hair is the washing process. While you probably have a skincare regimen already, you should also create one for your hair. Using the wrong products will dehydrate your hair, which is why you should choose products that are right for your hair type and condition. For instance, women who color their hair need a shampoo that’ll cleanse and hydrate their hair without removing any moisture.

Eat More Protein

About 90% of women’s hair is made of protein. It strengthens, protects, thickens, repairs, and makes your hair shinier. You can also feed your hair protein in conditioners, serums, or masks to repair any broken proteins. Depending on how damaged your hair is, you’ll need a different intensity. Don’t overdo it or you’ll make your hair stiff and prone to breakage.

Try a DIY Treatment to Repair Damaged Hair

To repair damaged hair that’s minorly damaged, turn to your kitchen for things like eggs, egg whites, and unflavored Greek yogurt. This should be incorporated with conditioning oil (e.g. olive oil, coconut oil) to also help hydrate your hair at the same time. Regardless of your homemade mixture, you must rinse your hair thoroughly to prevent it from feeling rough, stiff, or tangled due to leftover protein residue.

Take a Break from Using hot Tools

Heat styling (e.g. blow dryer, flat iron) damages the proteins in women’s hair. When you do opt for heat styling, make sure you use a heat protecting spray first. You should also use these tools quickly to save time and cut down on damage.

Protect Your Hair from Damage from the Sun

Your scalp is just as susceptible to UV damage as the rest of your body and too much of it can result in protein breakdown. Before you must repair damaged hair because of this, try using a styling product with built-in UV protection. While they contain the same ingredients as traditional sunscreen, they’ll also hydrate and smooth your hair.

Use Some Oils

Hair oils are the friend of women’s hair. If you choose dry, lightweight options, they won’t make your hair look greasy. Oils like coconut, argan, babassu, castor, and marula are deeply moisturizing. They’ll replenish lost lipids. This is one of the easiest things you can do for your hair since you simply apply a few drops mainly to your tips after washing your hair.

Learn how to Properly Comb Your Hair

As you comb or brush your hair, you’re scraping its surface, which will cause it to become dull. You’ll even chip its cuticle. Eventually, this will cause your hair to break. This becomes even more problematic if you’re detangling wet hair. This is why you should always take your time and start from your tips, working your way to your roots. When you have lots of knots, you should use a detangler. There are also brushes and combs that are made to be extra gentle on your wet hair so you won’t have to worry about learning how to repair damaged hair of this type.

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