Eight Morning Habits That Make One Age By Ten Years

Eight Morning Habits That Make One Age By Ten YearsMany of us have a morning routine that we do each and every single day to look and feel our best. But sadly, some individuals do not realize that their morning habits are doing more harm than good to their skin, which is making them look older by ten years.

Do you wonder if you are one of these people that could look younger, but your morning habits are not allowing it? If so, continue to read on about the eight-morning habits that make one age by ten years.

Forgetting to put on sunscreen is a huge no no that absolutely no one should forget. Sunscreen helps protect the skin from the harmful UV rays. A sunscreen of at least SPF 30 is needed. Put your sunscreen on before all other products every single day. Even on cloudy days, the sun can still have a huge impact on your skin.

Coffee is a morning habit that is tasty, sweet, and enjoyable. But this is a beverage that should be enjoyed every now and then. Limiting coffee can decrease inflammation in the skin, and also keep your DHEA hormone levels within a normal range to keep a youthful appearance.

Over washing the face is a huge aging factor for the skin. If using a harsh face wash, oils can be stripped from the skin. And when the face is dry and parched looking, pores can look larger and wrinkles appear faster.

Our forth morning habit for aging is not applying a serum. Serum should be used each morning before moisturizing to help to ward off free radicals if the serum contains anti-oxidants. Look for ingredients such as green tea and vitamin C.

If you are piling on the foundation in your morning routine, chances are you will age your skin. When you use too much foundation, followed by powder, it will settle into your fine lines and wrinkles. This will draw attention to them, making you look older than you are. Use sponges to apply your makeup, as this will make the foundation go on lighter. Look for foundations that contain hydration agents to plump up mature skin.

Sunglasses are a fashionable look, but aside from fashion, they should be worn every day. The eye area is the first place on faces that ages as the skin are much thinner there. Wearing sunglasses can reduce squinting, which is known for causing some of those fine lines and wrinkles in this area. They should be worn all year round, even in the winter.

Eating donuts and other junk food for breakfast is a fast way to age the body. These foods are loaded with sugar and calories and do not have any nutritional value. Take this time to eat some fiber-rich foods and whole grains, which will help ease your stress. Foods rich in vitamin C will also make your skin glow, reducing aging.

The final morning habit that is making us age is not taking proper care of our teeth. Many of us will brush our teeth in the mornings but skip the flossing. Our teeth are one of the first things that age and make us look older. Taking care of your smile will keep you looking ten or more years younger.

Our morning habits do not need to take hours to do. Following the eight habits above can reduce aging, and many of them only take a few minutes to do, such as applying sunscreen or serums. Or by removing things for your routine now, such as coffee and excess foundation, you will be saving time, so you can spend a few extra minutes doing things that are beneficial to your skin.

Picture Credit: Tom Eversley