Simple Ways To Make Your Man Feel Loved

Simple Ways to Make Your man Feel LovedWhat you learn in the movies and on TV about love makes you think you should depend on men to make swoony declarations. In real life, this rarely happens though. Instead, real love is all about knowing your man’s face, watching their eyes flash with happiness, and finding ways to overcome conflict. Here are some ways you can also make your man feel loved.

Compliment Your Man

We’re brought up to believe that men are more self-confident than women and told that they don’t care about things like their clothes and hair. However, this isn’t true at all. Your man wants to know that you find him hot so tell him these things.

Tell Your Man You Appreciate Him

Tell your man that you appreciate how he goes to work every day. While he may love his job, there are still days when it frustrates him. Instead he thinks of you and your family and presses on so make your man feel loved by telling him how much you appreciate him doing this.

Even men who are stay-at-home parents are making a sacrifice that they need to hear your appreciation for. This isn’t easy either. However, the overarching point here isn’t the money, it’s the fact that your man is helping you.

Support him Having Time Alone

Both of you must learn to schedule your alone time and support one another in doing so. As long as he’s still making you a priority, alone time is a good thing. If you’re struggling, set a time for when he’ll return and plans for what you’ll do upon his arrival. Then you’ll have plenty to talk about and you’ll both be healthier and happier too.

Don’t Always be on Your Phone

Everyone seems to be chasing after that one more email, text, or phone call today. However, being on your phone all the time won’t make your man feel loved. Most of the time, unless it’s an emergency, your phone can wait. When it is an emergency let him know what’s going on and then handle it so you can return and be present, in the moment with him.

Make Sure You buy Your Man Something when You buy Yourself Something

When you run to get yourself a cup of coffee from Starbucks, get him one too. If you’re making some at home, make him one too. This goes for anything you do, not because you’re spending money or time on your man, but because you’re thinking of him.

Look into Your Man’s Eyes

Connect with your man, eye-to-eye, for a few seconds – not that long childish stare you’d give when you were still in elementary school. While stereotypes would make you think that guys don’t like this, but this soul-gazing connection is a great way to make your man feel loved. As you look into his eyes, give him a smile or a playful expression. This way of flirting works because it makes your man feel like he’s the only one in the room.

Picture Credit: Moose Photos