How To Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

How To Get Rid of Puffy EyesThere are many reasons why you may have puffy eyes. These include things like too much emotional turmoil, not enough sleep, allergies, hormones, and even your diet. Once you’ve discovered what’s causing your eyes to be puffy, there are some things you can do to try to remedy them. Most of these things are lifestyle changes.

Washing or Rinsing Your Eyes

If you have discharge coming from your swollen eyes, you may want to try rinsing them with some cool water. It’s quite possible that you’re suffering from allergies. Cool water will feel good on your eyes, if this is the case.

Cold Compresses

This works in a similar fashion to washing or rinsing your eyes with cool water. However, this time you can also enjoy lying down and resting for a bit because you’ll be placing a cool water-soaked washcloth over your eyes. Ice cubes will also work here. In either case your eyes will perk up so that your face will look both awake and alert afterwards.

Head to Your Kitchen

There are some great home remedies for puffy eyes hiding in your kitchen. These include:

  • Cucumber slices that are chilled can be laid over your eyes. The cucumber itself contains antioxidants that’ll help reduce any irritation you may be feeling while the coolness helps soothe your eyes’ puffiness. Of course, lying down with cucumbers on your eyes for 30 minutes will also give you time to relax.
  • Potatoes are another item in your kitchen that will help relieve swelling. Simply grate 2TBSP of raw potato, place in a muslin cloth and lay it on your eyes. The skin-lightening enzyme inside the potatoes will go to work relieving the puffiness.

Check Your Diet

While you’re considering the foods in your kitchen, also review your diet. There are a few things you should watch for here:

  • Sugar when consumed in large quantities will trigger inflammation throughout your body. The skin directly underneath your eyes is thin so it’s much more prone to swelling – a symptom of inflammation. By drastically reducing the amount of sugar in your diet you’ll immediately see an improvement here.
  • Salt when consumed in large amounts often results in bloating. This is a form of water retention that can easily be seen around your eyes because there isn’t much room for it to disperse there.
  • Alcohol will dehydrate your skin leaving you with puffy eyes. This is why it’s important to drink in moderation, if at all.

At the same time, you should also make sure you’re drinking about 8, 8oz. of water each day. This keeps your skin healthy and well-hydrated.

Check Your Pillow

When you’re done in the kitchen, head to your bedroom. You’ll want to make sure that you have a firm pillow to use at night. This will increase your circulation so extra fluid doesn’t settle around your eyes while you sleep.


If none of these things help alleviate your puffy eyes or this issue lasts for more than 24 – 48 hours, you may want to seek medical advice. It’s possible that your issue is caused by something more serious. This is especially true if it also consists of pain, blurred vision, seeing floaters, or feeling as though you have something stuck in your eye.

Picture Credit: melancholiaphotography