Amazingly fun night on September 28th at Florida Thunder Male Revue in Tampa was

For us here at Florida Thunder Magical Night, every night is a good night, but some are more memorable than others.

This night we had nothing but beautiful bachelorette parties. In fact 5 groups of ladies who had us in mind for bachelorette party ideas.

These ladies came prepared to be entertained. For any girls night out, you want to have the men do all the work. And that was just it!

These ladies let their hair down and allowed the men to do, at what they are best: Choreographed dancing, taking their clothes off, stripping and making the ladies smile from ear to ear.

Isn’t that what a fun ladies night is all about? Take a look at the dozens of photos we take during our shows. These male strippers are not just strippers, they are entertainers, that love to bring a smile on the ladies faces.
We want to thank, shy Astrid who had Karen, her maid of honor hold her hand while enjoying the Magical Blockbuster Night

on-stage experience with our constable on patrol: officer Victor Love.

Bachelorette Amber and Jessica, who were happy to get our personal trainer Lee get a little freaky on them. We think, these two ladies felt such a rock hard body for the first time in their lives.

Tiny little Shannon was the fourth bride to be of the night. The man we call Hurricane Allegro is originally from Cuba. This man knows how to move his body and he knows how to dance. But Shannon decide to take part in the action. She gave a lap dance!

Desiree and her friends arrived just barely before start time. Lucky for them, they didn’t miss anything, and we had one last spot available in our Magical Night on-stage experience. Well Desiree got an experience from our featured entertainer of the night. We call this man Flava. He came to us from the Big Apple. This party animal took the entire show by surprise. Good looking, chiseled, always smiling and never stops amazing the audience with his spontaneity, dance moves, agile, flexible and chiseled body. Oh yes, we almost forgot to mention: his very entertaining stripping!

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