What Women Want From Men

What Women Want From MenMany people have conducted a great deal of research about women’s friendships with men and how people can maintain healthy relationships effectively over longer periods. In one of the recent studies, women aged between 18 and 75 were analyzed for what they expected from the men in their lives. Not surprisingly the qualities these women expected from their heterosexual partners, and men, in general, were what they sought from a friend. It makes perfect sense because all good relationships are based on some basic down to earth qualities.

Traits women are looking for

Women are not looking for male partners that invest all their energies into trying to prove how manly and heroic they are. They are looking for men that are willing to meet them where they are. These men should treat women equitably and fairly and they should be able to keep the romantic spark burning all the time. There is no reliable assessment available that can conclude what kind of men will be a perfect match for women. None of the dating website algorithms can predict how the human heart will work. Even if the potential partner brings in all the necessary qualities to a relationship there is no guarantee that he will have top chemistry with the woman in question.

The different traits women are looking for in men and value the most can be categorized into 3 separate areas,

  • Moral integrity.
  • Relational sensitivity.
  • Satisfying intimacy.

1. Moral integrity

Having mutual respect is an all-or-nothing proposition. After a person loses respect for his or her partner everything is likely to go off. Women need to be given all the respect that men would offer to other men. If a person is made to feel patronized or disrespected the relationships are likely to end sooner rather than later. If you take into consideration romantic relationships, sometimes even when you are disappointed or angry with your partner you must maintain respect. The essential components for moral integrity are,

  • Open communication.
  • Honesty.
  • Mutual trust and being trustworthy.
  • Taking responsibility.

2. Relational sensitivity

Women are looking for men that show patience, kindness, empathy, understanding, and compassion. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you are in, both men and women have to be considerate about each other’s feelings. Keep in mind that the partner’s trials and tribulations do matter to the woman and the partner’s role is to care for and cherish the woman. The significant elements of relational sensitivity are,

  • Friendship.
  • Emotional maturity.
  • Sensitivity with the validation of the partner experiences.
  • Being supportive.

You mustn’t force women to jump a higher bar for proving themselves. Both men and women must be afforded similar rewards for the same investment in the relationship. The gender of a person should not be a disadvantage for a person in a relationship or workplace.

3. Satisfying intimacy

In this case, what your partner is looking for are sexual activities that going to be used for pleasing your partner and not just yourself. This is what you must provide to women. Sex has to be fun and adventure that permits the partners to expand their sexual connection and explore new things. It should never be a repetition of the same old thing. One of the participants in the research shared that men have to get rid of the myth regarding the sexual purity of women once and for all. If women have the right partner they enjoy sex every bit as much as the male counterparts. Some other elements of this trait are,

  • Bringing excitement and adventure in the sexual activity.
  • Bringing a partnership and companionship.
  • Show your partner that you love her.
  • It is not all about sex.

Women are looking for men in their lives that are their feminist allies and are wishing the women to succeed as much as themselves. They should want to enjoy the woman’s success as much as their own. Men have to take the time to acknowledge and recognize the strengths of a woman and they should respect the things this woman brings in their lives and relationship. As far as romantic connections are concerned they may be looking for a different. You can think about different ways of providing enjoyment to your partner say by organizing a male strip revue show for her and her friends. If you live in Tampa, FL a good place will be Florida Thunder for this particular requirement.

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