The Perfect 10 Ideas To Plan The Best Bachelorette Party EverAre you planning to organize a bachelorette party before the big day? It surely needs to be a memorable, notorious, and special day to be cherished for life. It isn’t an easy task to plan a perfect party but some best ideas can help you pull off a great party. Let’s quickly go through them:

Personalize It

The party is for the bride and it should factor in everything she wants. Do answer simple questions like should it be a casual evening or a crazy weekend? Should it be a spa day or a fancy dinner? Attention to preferences even if they are different or clash with expectations is important. Similarly, every element of the party should match the taste or likes of the bride. It could be the food, drink, games or presents, all need to be according to her likes. Once you have the answers, prepare a plan that aligns with the expectations.

Avoid Overscheduling

Although most bachelorette parties are full of activities attached to a detailed itinerary, you should avoid adding a bunch of stuff to the list. It’s more important to be together and hang out. But you should factor in extra time for each little thing such as getting ready, chatting over snacks, traveling, relaxing, or getting extra bottled water if needed. Additionally, not everyone will be there on time so allow a buffer time of at least thirty minutes before you plan to start the party. Ensure you remain flexible and prepare your mind for delays as everything you have planned will not take the exact time as expected.

Be Prepared With A Backup Plan

There is always a possibility that your best-laid plans don’t go exactly as per your expectations. Hence, be prepared with backup plans. Flights might get delayed, some urgency may creep in forcing a friend to drop out at the last minute, the bride might not be confident of doing everything you had planned for, etc. You should stay calm, switch gears, and stay with the flow to the best of your ability. Staying calm allows you to set the tone for everyone else and keep the party rolling perfectly.

Never Underestimate Costs

You must have been to a bachelorette party where you feel cash is shelled out constantly. If you aren’t careful, the list of expenses might never end. Thus, prepare a budget with the bride, discuss with people on your invite list to ensure it’s within their range, and most importantly stick to it. It would also be a good idea to share clever ideas from people about few free and low-cost activities.

It’s worth remembering some important details such as who is paying for the bride, is everyone paying their share in advance, is the host paying for everything at the party, do people need to bring cash, etc. You should figure these out before the drinks start flowing.

Take Adequate Social Media Permissions

Hashtags are common for every kind of group outing. Although fun, it may or may not be appropriate. Hence, you should talk with the bride about social media etiquette. The discussion could include questions like if she is comfortable with people Snapping during dinner? Is there a problem to be tagged in 1000s of selfies? Whether she is hoping to see favorite videos and photos of guests at the party? Once it’s there on the internet, it stays there. Hence, you need to be careful about things that should be posted publicly while maintaining the comfort level and reputation of others intact.

Avoid Stressing About the Invite List

Avoid inviting anyone not invited to the wedding unless the bride requests personally. However, that doesn’t mean you should be inviting everyone. This party is basically for closed people which could be a few people or a huge group. Lastly, even if you end up inviting someone you did not want to, it’s better to suck it up than creating a scene.

Take Help From Others

After you have prepared the plan, a guest list, and the budget, you should shy away from taking help from others. Planning a great party requires a lot of effort and thinking. It’s good to take help from people and let them handle things they are good at. Micromanaging a million things yourself is a tough ask and might not let you give your 100%.

For example, a friend who is a big foodie can be great to take care of brunch reservations. A creative friend will be good to help you out with fun favors and games.

Never Drink and Drive

With Uber and Lyft around along with the conventional taxi services, you should always come up with logistics to ensure people are safe. Some people might insist they are fine after the party to drive home but it is not okay. Never drink and drive or allow others to do so.

Factor in Traditional Expectations Too

Bachelorette parties are often touted as the last night as a single woman or stereotyped as girls in matching black dresses wearing flirty slashes. But it’s essentially it’s time to celebrate your wedding with a group of people with no rules. You may plan a one-night adventure, a weekend getaway, a girl’s night, 90’s flicks, or a sober event. The bride should be encouraged to do whatever she loves and expects from the party.

Do Not Forget The Fiancé

Lastly, incorporating the fiancé into the bachelorette party can be the best element. It could be anything from a cute video message played before the night begins or similar ideas that help the bride’s partner feel a part of the festivities.

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